56th Biennial NAD Conference, June 30 - July 4, 2022, Orlando, Florida.


Call for Interpreters

The NAD’s in-house interpreting team led by Wendy Adams will be coordinating all interpreting requests for the conference in Orlando! We invite all talented interpreters to join the #NAD2022 Interpreting Team this summer.  We are looking for interpreters with experience in Platform, Audience, and DeafBlind Interpreting. We are also looking for Co-Navigators (also known as a SSP).

  • Deaf Interpreter — minimum qualifications: CDI or BEI certificate strongly preferred but will consider those who have years of interpreting experience.

  • Hearing Interpreter — minimum qualifications: RID or BEI certificate required.

  • Co-Navigator (SSP) — minimum qualifications: Deaf Interpreter students welcome, will consider other Deaf applicants.

Do you have experience with Audience Interpreting, Platform Interpreting, and DeafBlind Interpreting? Want to be part of a dedicated, skilled, and diverse interpreting team? Join us at the NAD conference in Orlando, June 30 – July 4, 2022!

CDI/DI with Audience Interpreting experience are preferred. Audience Interpreter is defined as: re-interprets a question and/or comment in ASL from the audience to provide a sightline for all participants. CDI/DI work may include: Platform, Audience, and DeafBlind Interpreting. ASL Interpreters with CDI/DI teaming experience preferred.

In addition to hourly pay, reimbursement may include:

  • Up to $400 for airfare/train/mileage
  • A shared hotel room for interpreters who are not local. If desired to have own room, interpreters are responsible for the other half of the room.
  • Parking provided for local interpreters if hotel rooms are not provided.
  • Per Diem Rates ($38/day)