56th Biennial NAD Conference, June 30 - July 4, 2022, Orlando, Florida.




Find anyone with the bright aqua blue volunteer apron and ask for support. They will direct you to the right person. We have three lounges that may be helpful if you are a member of that specific community: BIPOC Lounge in Bayhill 25, LGBTQIA2S+ Lounge in Bayhill 26, and DeafBlind Lounge in Bayhill 28.

Watch NAD President Melissa Draganac-Hawk invite YOU to #NAD2022 happening June 30-July 3, 2022 in Orlando, Florida at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Hotel. 

  • Deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, DeafBlind, and hearing consumers
  • Parents and family members
  • Federal employees
  • Deaf and hard of hearing professionals
  • Organizational and corporate representatives
  • Professionals whose services are targeted to deaf, late deafened, hard of hearing, and DeafBlind individuals
  • Retirees active in civic and community service
  • Mainstream and residential education students
  • College and university students
  • Educators of the deaf
  • Interpreters

Read our conference emails and be sure to download the mobile conference app.

Note: The NAD Conference Guide will be available for download late June 2022. Customize your schedule ahead of time! Attend sessions you are very interested in along with core sessions geared to your research, professional interest and professional work needs. Take some time to visit the NAD Exhibit Hall, attend [email protected] events and find small moments to rejuvenate!

There is no particular dress code; however, business casual is common and comfortable shoes are a necessity. It will be hot in Orlando and there are a ton of places to go see within walking distance. Be prepared that hotel meeting rooms often range in temperature. Layering is suggested.

We’re working on it! Wifi is very expensive. We will update with more information when it becomes available.

  • All conference activities are in the hotel.
  • The NAD negotiates a special rate for conference attendees.
  • Attendees who stay in the hotel, allow the NAD to pay less for meeting space which makes registration rates lower.
  • The hotel is surrounded by many fun places to spend your time.
  • Easier networking opportunities.
  • Saves you extra time from taking public transportation or walking.
  • Staying at the hotel makes it convenient for you to go to your room in between activities.

Please see at the Conference registration desk or ask a volunteer! You can find our volunteers wearing a bright teal apron with the NAD logo.

Deadline to reserve your room is by Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 5pm EST. If the rooms are sold out before the deadline, we often add more rooms to our block! If the hotel is entirely sold out, we will add an overflow option within walking distance. Information on room availability will be on the Hotel page.

The Exhibit Hall is free and open to the public! You will need to sign up for the Exhibit Hall if you don’t plan to register for the NAD Conference. If you have already registered for the NAD Conference then you’re set!

The NAD selects meals we hope everyone will enjoy. We realize that some individuals have dietary restrictions and food allergies. Attendees who have notified us about food allergies or dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating the standard entree selection will be provided with a vegetarian/vegan meal based as closely as possible on their specific dietary needs. The NAD will do its best to accommodate all dietary requests; however because the focus is on food allergies, we cannot always guarantee requests such as low-fat, low-salt, low-carb, sugar-free, etc. Alternate soups, salads or desserts also may not be available. Please contact us for special meal requests no later than May 31, 2022.

The National Association of the Deaf has developed a policy for all outside media teams (referred to ‘the media’ herein) that will be covering the biennial NAD Conference. Media access to the 56th Biennial NAD Conference 2022 is granted only to approved media teams. Media organizations seeking credentials to cover the NAD Conference must fill out the Media Policy and Agreement by May 1, 2022.

We have three luncheons sponsored by member sections, pre-registration is required and space is limited.

Also, the Hotel has the following dining options available:

  • Market Orlando, open 24/7
  • 24 hour in-room dining options.
  • Coconuts Poolside Bar & Grill, served at Grotto Pool
  • B-Line Diner
  • Fiorenzo
  • Rocks Bar
  • Lobby Bar

Based on the hours worked, volunteers may be reimbursed 50% – 100% of the conference registration. You must be a registered conference attendee if you’d like to be a conference volunteer. Please check out the Volunteers page for more information!

For those who are looking for rooms for different reasons (lactation, prayer, quiet, retreat, safe space, and so on) – we have multiple meeting rooms designated as the Retreat Space and Multipurpose Accommodations Space which is accessible by elevator and escalator. 

Retreat Space: The purpose of this area is to provide space for a person or category of people so they can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, critiscm, harrassment or any other emotional or physical harm. If you and/or your group is in need of this space, please inquire with the NAD Info & Registration Desk.

Multipurpose Accommodations Space: The purpose of this area is to provide a quiet & private shared space for lactation, disability accommodations that may include but not limited to people with chronic diseases to lie down, or a place to recover from overstimulation, religious accommodations and other situations. Please inquire with the NAD Info & Registration Desk. Note: This space may be shared with others and small rooms will be created with pipe & drape. 

Retreat & Multipurpose Accomodations Space is not intended to be used as a space for phone calls, meetings, and anything that does not fall under accommodations.  If you have any questions about both spaces, please contact [email protected]

If an item of value has been found, we will do our best to locate the owner. If we are unable to locate the owner, we will turn it into Hyatt Regency Security.

People who have lost an item can leave their contact information and description of said item with the NAD Info Desk. If the item has been located, we will contact the owner. You may also go to ileftmystuff.com to file an inquiry and use Customer ID (Hotel Code) #41353. You can also contact Hyatt Lost and Found at ext. 55679 or 407-309-5679.

You may review the Hyatt Regency Orlando Security Information Fact Sheet. The Hyatt Regency Orlando is also working with DeafFriendly to make this hotel accessible for Deaf and Hard of Hearing guests including security and emergency procedures.

Take a look at the 2022 Conference schedule.  Check back often for additions/changes to the schedule.  During the conference, you will receive live changes/updates via the conference mobile app!

Check our list of partners.

Yay! Fantastic, contact us to become a sponsor!

No, the hotel does not offer electric scooters but you can rent a electric scooter from one of the local providers and they can make arrangements with you to drop off the scooter at the hotel. 

*NOTE: the following links do not include conference discounts nor preference:




The NAD is partnering with Deaf in Government (DIG) and the National Deaf Education Conference (NDEC). DIG specializes in workshops that would benefit government employees. NDEC specializes in Deaf Education. With this partnership, we are providing separate forms for DIG and NDEC to share with their members.

They are for children under 18 years old. For that form, you will select which age group you are registering for: Ages 3 – 12 or 13-17. This is because Ages 3-12 has special rates for luncheons.

Please register under the Government & Innovation Engagement Registration! If you would like to earn a certificate of attendance, please be sure to add ‘DIG Certificate’ to your cart. DIG will send you a certificate to confirm your attendance to the workshops in this track after the conference.

Please register under the National Deaf Education Conference Registration! If you would like to earn a certificate of attendance, please be sure to add ‘NDEC CEU Fee’ to your cart. The NDEC committee will send you a certificate to confirm your attendance to NDEC workshops after the conference.

YES! You can. There are absolutely no restrictions on which workshops you can attend. We estimate that we will have over 70 workshops with a huge variety of topics. Some topics under the NAD may also benefit NDEC or DIG attendees. Everyone is welcome to attend all workshops any NDEC, DIG, and NAD workshops.

Absolutely yes! First, please be sure that your employer adds your email address in the ‘Registrant Email’ field on the registration form so that you will get a confirmation email of your registration. That way you can verify the information on your registration form is accurate. 

When you have your employer fill out your registration form and pay for your registration, be sure to review the registration form and share information with your employer — they will need to know your  meal preferences, accommodation requests, and more before your registration is processed. If you are not comfortable disclosing information to your employer, that’s okay — email [email protected] to edit your registration by May 31, 2022.

  • Combo registration deadline is May 31, 2022
  • Some events have limited capacities and may be sold out
  • All meal events have deadlines for food orders
  • To make check-in at the conference faster and easier
  • Your information, registration badges, tote bags, and our support will be prepared and ready for you in advance!

Yes! Non-combo registration (such as individual events, workshops, etc that have not sold out yet) will be available to purchase tickets for at the conference. If you wait until you arrive, there are no guaranteed tickets left.

Please bring your government issued ID to the NAD Conference Registration Desk, sometimes it helps to show your registration confirmation via your phone or print-out.

If you’re not able to use a credit card online, email [email protected] for the offline form. Make sure you fill it out clearly, and mail it to the NAD using certified mail. You should account for a few weeks to process your paper registration. You will receive a registration confirmation email once your registration has been processed. Mail to: 

The National Association of the Deaf
#NAD2022 Registration
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 820 
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

The registration refund schedule below is applicable in the event of cancellations (except for medical emergencies or death in family with documentation):

Postmark Deadline

Refund Amount

Before April 15, 2022


April 15, 2022


May 1-31, 2022


After May 31, 2022


Yes, Purchase Orders are accepted prior to May 31, 2022. Purchase Orders must be paid in full prior to June 30, 2022 in order for the registration to be valid. We are not able to accept any Purchase Orders at the Conference.

The NAD is happy to provide an invitation letter for your visa application after you register for the conference. You’ll need to email [email protected] with your confirmation email, and explain your visa request. We will email you an attached PDF printable file on a NAD letterhead. If you did not receive your visa in time, the NAD will refund your registration in full. Please check with your local U.S. Consulate to ensure enough time to process your visa application. Your request for a letter of invitation does not guarantee you will receive a visa.

We will allow a transfer of a registration to another person if you send all the information we need by May 31,2022, email [email protected] and we can work with you to make sure all is set. Don’t forget, the person who you’re transferring your registration to needs to be a NAD member or pay the $40 non-member fee. (Affiliate Membership does not apply).

Yes! You can attend just one workshop, session, activity, or event but you must register. Here’s how!

Registration: Choose the right form that best suits your needs. As you fill it out, make sure you select ‘Individual Events’ and then select ‘One Event Only’. If you change your mind and decide to purchase more than one activity, you can select ‘More than one event’. 

In Orlando: Go to the #NAD2022 Conference Registration desk to see if there are tickets available. Otherwise you can just ensure your NAD membership is current and pick up a NAD conference badge to attend the workshops that day.  Due to security reasons, we do not allow unregistered attendees at the conference. 

If you’d like to explore the NAD exhibit hall and don’t want to check out other conference activities, you can go in and explore all the wonderful exhibits. The #NAD2022 Exhibit Hall is open to the public and does not require conference registration. You just need to sign up for free when you arrive.

You can volunteer at the conference and get your registration reimbursed!


No — unfortunately, we are not able to provide child care at #NAD2022. We encourage you to join forces with other families and hire a nanny to help support you with your  children. Fear not, we will bring Kids Camp back for 2024!

The pandemic has affected the #NAD2022 conference planning in various ways. Kids Camp requires more resources than we are able to provide for this year. Don’t worry, we’ll bring Kids Camp back in 2024.

Yes! The 2020 NAD Conference was designed to attract families and their children. We have a wonderful schedule for children ages 3-17:

  • CHILDREN & TEENS (ages 3-17) – Registration required for free & paid admission to workshops, College Bowl/Youth Ambassador Program events. 
  • INFANTS (ages 0-2) – Free admission, no registration required. If your child still would like a conference badge, please register your child for ages 3-17.


The following events are perfect for your family for a fun-filled Conference week:

  • Opening Ceremony 
  • College Bowl Preliminaries
  • College Bowl Finals
  • Youth Luncheon
  • Youth Ambassador Program Finals
  • NAD Exhibit Hall (Open to the public)


Children of all ages must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. However, if you would like your children to have a separate experience on their own as you enjoy the Conference, and if they’re old enough, they can be a Jr. NAD Page!

The Jr. NAD Pages program is geared towards deaf teens between 12 and 17 years old and interested in the inner workings and strategies of the NAD Conference. Deaf Youth interested in participating in the program must meet requirements and apply.


The NAD Exhibit Hall will be open July 1-3, 2022 9:00 am – 4:30pm. The NAD Exhibit Hall is open to the public. You just need to sign up for free if you’d like to explore the exhibit hall and don’t want to check out other conference activities.

You can apply for an exhibit space online! Once approved, we will send you a payment link.

The Exhibit Hall is free and open to the public! You will need to sign up for the Exhibit Hall if you don’t plan to register for the NAD Conference. If you have already registered for the NAD Conference then you’re set!


We encourage you to join the NAD – you have the option of applying the $40 conference registration fee towards your membership (this helps if you are a Delegate or planning to attend the NAD Forums). Otherwise, you do not need to be a current member.

To adhere to the NAD Bylaws, Delegates must be in good standing in order to attend the NAD Conference.  If you represent an Affiliate organization, you still need to be an individual member of the NAD. If you have questions about affiliate vs individual membership, please contact your NAD Region or Affiliate Board member.


Take a look at the #NAD2022 schedule.  Check back often for additions or changes to the schedule.  During the conference, you will receive live changes and updates via the conference mobile app!

The #NAD2022 Mobile App will be available to download for registered attendees in June 2022.

Changes will happen! We encourage you to download the mobile conference app (it’s free!) and turn on notifications in that app. You will receive live changes and updates from the mobile app! We also will do the following:

  • Update posters signages.
  • Ask Presenters to announce during their sessions.
  • Volunteers spread the word.

In partnership with Deaf in Government (DIG), the NAD is offering IGE sessions during the Conference. 


Registration is for federal and state employees and includes:

  • IGE sessions
  • NAD workshop sessions and NDEC workshop sessions
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • NAD Exhibit Hall
  • [email protected] events

We are thrilled to partner with NDEC. Deaf Education is a priority for the NAD and in collaboration with the NDEC, we offer workshop session tracks based on deaf education.  Registration is for those who are interested in Deaf Education and includes:

  • NDEC sessions
  • NAD workshop sessions 
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • NAD Exhibit Hall
  • [email protected] events

Yes!  All NAD workshops, sessions, events, and more will be voice interpreted and captioned, unless the presenter is not using ASL. If not, we will have an ASL interpreter available next to the presenter. Specific sessions with a focus on ASL & Linguistics may not be voice interpreted and captioned due to the learning goals, this will be mentioned in the workshop description. If you need to make additional requests, please do so by May 31st.

Yes, CEUs are available and you can add that to your registration cart! Each conference partner (DIG, NDEC, and NAD) charges their own fee for processing of CEU’s or Certificates. For example, if you want CEU’s from both RID and NDEC, the CEU /Certificate processing fee will be $100 (RID) and $100 (NDEC) = $200.  If you only want a NAD Certificate, the NAD Certificate processing fee will be $30.  

Deaf In Government (DIG) will handle all DIG Certificates which are provided to those who add it to their registration cart, at $50. DIG Certificates are designed for government employees who will receive it via email after the conference. Recipients do not need to sign in at every IGE workshop session 

National Deaf Education Conference (NDEC) will handle all NDEC Certificates. There is a charge of $100 for NDEC Certificates with a total of 15 hours of professional learning for the 2022 NDEC and it will be provided by the 2022 National Deaf Education Conference, an activity of the Education Section of the National Association of the Deaf. Recipients will receive a certificate via email after the conference and do not need to sign in at each NDEC workshop. 

The NAD will work with a RID CEU Sponsor to process all RID CEUs.There will be a charge of $100 which includes all credits earned during the conference. 

The NAD will handle all NAD Certificates. There is a charge of $30 for those who wish to receive a certificate of attendance. Recipients will receive a certificate via email after the conference and do not need to sign in at each workshop.

Make sure you add preferred CEUs/Certificates to your registration cart when you purchase! 

Still have a question?

Please contact us if you don’t find the answer to your question above.