56th Biennial NAD Conference, June 30 - July 4, 2022, Orlando, Florida.


Jr. NAD Pages

We’re thrilled that you are interested in applying to become a potential Jr. NAD Page for #NAD2022. The Jr. NAD pages program will be from June 30 – July 4 (arrival and departure dates are flexible).The NAD will reimburse the Jr. NAD Page’s conference registration after meeting their volunteer hours. The Jr. NAD Page and their adult chaperone will be responsible for transportation, lodging, and some meal expenses. All Jr. NAD Pages will need to register for the conference; after meeting the required volunteering hours, the Jr. NAD Page will receive their reimbursement check after the conference.

Note: we will be accepting a limited number of applicants. Deaf and hard of hearing youth are prioritized for this opportunity. We will consider hearing applicants if there are available spots.

» Assignment

To serve as young citizens supporting the NAD Conference. Responsibilities include (but not limited to): assisting with people at the Hotel during their arrival; be a runner for the Council of Representatives (COR) meeting; and assist at all [email protected] events as runners/distributors.  

» History of the Jr. NAD Pages

The Jr. NAD Pages program was an idea shared by Bridgetta Bourne-Firl, who was one of the four student leaders during the Deaf President Now (DPN) movement in 1988. Bridgetta brought her son to the 2012 NAD Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. She suggested to Tawny Holmes (who was the Education Strategy Team Chair at the time) that a “pages program” be established; thus giving young people, like her son, a chance to experience the NAD Conference. Many state legislatures have a pages program affiliated with local high school students working closely with the state representatives. In 2014, the first Jr. NAD Pages program took place in Atlanta, Georgia and it was a huge success! We look forward to a fun and positive experience with the Jr. NAD Pages this summer!

» Dress Code